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Adngic nuon blocks : Ticyclic antidpssants may countact th antihyptnsiv cts cntally acting antihyptnsivs such as guanthidin, btanidin, spin, clonidin and mthyldopa. It is advisabl tviw all antihyptnsiv thapy duing tatmnt with ticyclic antidpssants.

Dosag should b initiatd at a low lvl and incasd gadually, noting caully th clinical spons and any vidnc intolability.

Antiungals such as luconazol and tbinain incas sum concntations ticyclics and accompanying toxicity. Syncop and tosad d points hav occud.

CNS dpssants : Amitiptylin may nhanc th sdativ cts alcohol, babituats and oth CNS dpssants.

You may notic pain li as soon as twwks at stating, but otn it quis amitiptylin tb takn six tight wks at th bst dos lvl bon can say th dug has bn givn a ai tial. Many popl stop taking th mdicin bcaus thy xpinc sid cts aly on but dnot l any bnit. Howv, i you can psv, you will otn gt tolant tmost th sid cts at a w days twks and you may thn stat noticing th bnits th mdicin.

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tell the pharmacist you are taking amitriptyline if you buy medicines including things you put on your skin for common illnesses.

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